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Biceps! Michelle E. Russell Featured

Written by  6ft1swell
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(Not Very) New Peaks on the Block
A few years ago, Michelle E. Russell (the 'E' is optional it seems, but I kind of like it) came to the attention of FMS when her posing routine at the 2009 British Columbia Provincial Championships was flagged on the forums. What we, and those on the forums, couldn't get enough of was her incredible most muscular poses...

And while we were enjoying her inflatable traps so very very much, we totally missed Michelle's genetic gifts in the bicep department. What the hell were we thinking?!
Fortunately, this year, Michelle has returned to the stage, this time at the Nova Scotia Provincial Championships, and unsurprisingly she won (as well as walking off with the Best Poser award). And by the way, how much talent is there in Canada? Not only have some of the finest female bodybuilders past and present hailed from the land of the maple leaf, but there's talent like this at amateur shows in the provinces! Maybe California and Florida aren't the female muscle Meccas they are marketed as, maybe small town Canada is where we should all be heading?
Back to Michelle. I may be wrong (I often am) but you don't see biceps with such beautiful peaks everyday, do you? I think of Klaudia Larson, Marja Lehtonen and then I can't think of any other women with such perfectly-shaped guns. That's quite an exclusive club. And Michelle E. Russell is most definitely in it.
According to Real Female Bodybuilding, Michelle had the audience at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Dalhousie Arts Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia on their feet cheering. She was confident, cheeky, beautiful and above all hugely muscled.
We can only hope that it won't be another four years before she competes again. She describes her absence from the stage as the result of a few rocky years, which suggests that we won't have to wait as long this time. Locking away those bad boys again would be nothing short of criminal.
You can get more Michelle E. on her Facebook fan page, another (short but sweet) article at Real Female Bodybuilding, and a really good interview with her from 2010 here.

Authors: 6ft1swell

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